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Tzu-Chiang EMU300 was a fleet of eight sets (24 cars), including driving motor coach (with guard's office) 50EMC300, transformer power coach 45EP300, and driving motor coach 50EM300. During 1988, most of the carbody and electrical equipment were completed and shipped to Taiwan for testing. Despite these issues, Taiwan Railway had high expectation for the EMU300, due to its 130 km/h service capability. During the 2 September 1989 schedule revision, the EMU300 was assigned to direct and semi-direct Tzu-Chiang Express, stopping at fewer stations than regular Tzu-Chiang. Train No. 1019 was scheduled for 3 hours and 47 minutes between Taipei and Kaohsiung (via Coast Line), breaking the previous speed record set by the EMU100. Amongst railfans, the EMU300 became something of an urban legend, often unofficially called Tzu-Chiang Super Express or Tzu-Chiang Tokkyu.
Even after the introduction of the E1000 Push-Pull trainset, this speed record remained unbroken.Underground urban trackage and run-through services in Taiwan make efficient use of assets and available track capacity. An Italian Società Costruzioni Industriali Milano (SOCIMI) EMU300 trainset is being prepared at the Qidu carbarn.

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台湾鉄道三代目の「自強号」通勤電車である。初の営業運転で台北 - 高雄間を4時間以下で走破(正確には3時間47分。E1000型自強号の最速達列車でも3時間59分かかる)。やや 斜めになった機関車と流行った列車で  「イタリア美人」と言われて、アイスクリームのような塗装も パプ(台湾語のアイスクリーム)の綽名を付けられた。今は 七堵機務段を所属し、蘇澳 - 斗六間を運行している。


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