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The famous "Kwang-Hwa Trains" represented for the high-quality trains of Taiwan Railways Administration in 60-70s. There were stewardesses called Miss Kwang-Hwa who served lunch boxes and fruit. The fastest speed between Taipei and Kaohsiung were 4hours and 40minutes, so the businessmen could make a round trip in a day. Since Tze-Chiang Trains were inaugurated in 1978, Kwang-Hwa Trains were retired next year and DR-2700 Diesel Rail Cars became express, rapid-transit and local trains gradually. Now DR-2700 Diesel Rail Cars are show on Taitung Line as local trains and active duty between Hualien,Yuli and Taitung Station regularly day by day.

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有名な光華号(こうかごう)は台湾鉄道が1960-1970に運行していた優等列車で ミス 光華号というスチュワーデスもいって、乗客にお弁当や果物を差し上げた。当時 台北-高雄に片道で最も早いのは四時間四十分だから、ビジネスマンは 一日中往復できた。1978年自強号は登場して、光華号は翌年に廃止されて、DR2700型は次々急行、快速と普通列車なとになった。今は台東線で 普通列車で毎日数回花蓮-玉里-台東駅に往復する。


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